10th international meeting of Goose Specialist Group

The next goose meeting will organized in youthhostel Xanten close to a large roost site of wild geese

Since the 1980’s twelve goose conferences were organised under the roof of Wetland International (formerly IWRB).
The series started with the “IWRB-Symposium on the population ecology of geese” of October 1981 in Debrecen (Hungary) and had a follow-up in the “IWRB-Symposium on Western Palearctic Geese” in Kleve (Lower Rhine area, Germany) in February 1989.

At the International Waterbird Conference “Anatidae 2000”, which was held in Strasbourg in December 1994, the Goose Specialist Group of Wetlands International (until 1996: IWRB Goose Research Group) decided to organise regular meetings in a 1-2 years rhythm to optimise the co-operation between goose researchers all around the world.

Now the 10th Meeting of the Goose Specialist Group and the 12th Goose Conference of Wetlands International will be held in Xanten (Germany) from 26th to 31st of January 2007.
The meeting will focus on population management of geese including the topic of sustainable goose hunting, arctic breeding biology, winter distribution, studies on migratory flyways of geese wintering in Europe, as well as on the risk that these waterbirds could spread avian flue. There will be two post-conference excursions offered to participants.

All participants are invited to contribute to the programme with oral presentations, participation in the discussions as well as with posters.

This meeting will be organized by Biologische Station im Kreis Wesel in cooperation with the Ornithological Society of North-Rhine Westphalia and the German Goose Specialist Group.

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